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Login Firefok Dengan Banyak ID

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kalo kamu punya banyak ID email, facebook,atau friendster dll.. trus mau buka tu email, biasa nya pake cara logout ID pertama trus login lagi pake ID baru… ribet tuh… nih gw bagiin cara biar kita bisa login banyak ID sekaligus di browser firefox, gak usah pake login-logout-login lagi. cuma di mozilla firefox c, coz plugin nya cuma ada di firefox.hehhehhe

CookieSwap 0.5.165B
CookieSwap enables you to easily swap all your cookies so that you can be logged in to multiple web e-mail accounts (like Gmail and Yahoo! mail) at the same time and quickly switch between them.

Long Description
For users that changed the Firefox default setting and now do NOT ‘Accept third-party cookies’
(i.e. Tools->Options->Privacy->Cookies->’Accept third-party cookies’ is NOT checked)

* CookieSwap version 0.5.1 does not function properly without accepting third-party cookies.
Do not bother using CookieSwap 0.5.1 if you do not accept third-party cookies.

* CookieSwap version 0.5.165B (a pre-release) has a temporary fix to enable CookieSwap to change profiles with this setting unchecked. However, it does this by changing your setting to accept third-party cookies for the few moments that CookieSwap is changing profiles (usually less than one second) and then restoring your original setting once done. This means that any web page load that goes on right after you ask CookieSwap to change profiles but before the name of the new profile is shown on the StatusBar will accept third party cookies (again, it should be a very small window of time…less than a second usually)

I realize that some people may not find this acceptable.If you are one of those people then DO NOT install 0.5.165B.

CookieSwap is an extension that enables you to maintain numerous sets or ‘profiles’ of cookies that you can quickly swap between while browsing. This is useful for tasks like:

* Changing your cookies/identity to web e-mail sites (like Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc) so that you can quickly look like different users. Nice if you maintain multiple accounts and are tired of logging out and then back in to switch accounts. Also nice if two people are using the same computer and want to switch between accounts quickly.

* Changing your cookies/identity to see how sites like Amazon and Google treat you differently depending on who you are. For example, if Amazon recognizes you as a returning shopper they give you a different looking page (and there were claims that they give you different prices also). Google has begun to use a feature called ‘Personalized Search’, where they modify their search results based on your user identity. There is a question about this when you create your Google account. The results of Google searches are different depending on if Google knows you or not. Use CookieSwap to quickly swap between Google recognizing you and being anonymous. Run the same search and see the differences.

* If you design web sites, you can setup numerous cookie profiles to look like different types of users and swap between those users quickly and easily to test your site in numerous modes (you can hand edit the cookies to have distinct values in each profile using a nice extension like ‘Add & Edit Cookies’).

cara make nya kek gini:

1. Install (Add to Firefox) lalu restart Firefox

2.Login dengan id ke 1:

Cookies id ke 1 di save oleh Firefox

3. Ganti Profile1 CookieSwap kita dengan Profile2
Dengan cara Klik kanan pada logo CookieSwap (Profile1)

Cookies Profile2 sekarang yg dipakai oleh Firefox

4. lalu Log Out id ke 1:

5. Sekarang Login dengan id ke 2:

Cookies id ke 2 di saved oleh Firefox

untuk Profile3 ulangi proses diatas dengan id ke 3
Jadi Profile1= id ke 1 ; Profile2= id ke 2 ; Profile3= id ke 3

Jika mau ganti id tinggal pilih Profile CookieSwap sesuai dengan id yg kita simpan.
Lalu tekan F5 (refresh Page), id yg aktif akan sesuai dengan Profilenya.
Tidak perlu lagi proses Login - Log Out

kalo mau lebih dari 3 profile, gini cara nya:
C:\Documents and Settings\******\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\8svcywr3.default\Coo kieSwap

“******” tergantung PCnya

akan ada 3 file txt
gandakan aja sesukanya
rename aja jadi
cookies_azwinner1 atau sesukanya….. ntar akan bertambah kok di listnya…..

download add ons CookieSwap 0.5.165B

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